Six Sigma Certification

The American Society for Quality: Leader in Providing Six Sigma Certifications

In the six sigma hierarchy, those who are designated with the belt titles are the ones given a six sigma certification after completing their set of training. These are the green belts and the black belts. Wonder who gives out these certifications to them?

There are many training institutions that provide these certifications upon their completion of training. Only three institutions in the United States standout from the pool of institutions, and these are American Society of Quality, the Institute of Industrial Engineers, and the International Association for six sigma certification. The focus of the succeeding paragraphs, though, is towards the American Society for Quality, or the ASQ.

The American Society for Quality or ASQ is the most recognized professional certification organization internationally and are very well known for giving various levels of professional certifications. ASQ started offering certifications of Six Sigma in 2001.

That year, ASQ first offered the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, with its ASQ initials CSSBB. This is given to black belts who are knowledgeable of the idea’s philosophies and their principles, which also includes the tools and equipment used, and also capable of being a leader.

In 2006, ASQ again offered another specific six sigma certification, and it is called CSSGB, or the six sigma green belt certification. This six sigma certification is given to the green belts who work under the assistance of the black belt, involved in the development of the processes and documentation, along with the collection and summarization of data.

Last year, ASQ established the Master Black Belt certification, or as abbreviated by ASQ, CMBB. It is given to the master black belts of the Six Sigma hierarchy that has mastered the whole concept of Six Sigma, and has learned the strategies necessary for implementing the whole concept in the organization.